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Coastie the Safety Boat for Cub Scouts

Coastie the Safety Boat for Cub Scouts

Coastie is a robotic cartoon character used by the Coast Guard Auxiliary to assist with teaching recreational boating safety to younger audiences. As such he is a natural for helping the local Auxiliary Flotilla engage Cub Scouts in a fun discussion of boating safety.

Lessons learned

  1. Organize this event through the right leader, the Cubmaster. To get the best participation, you need a full Pack meeting with Cubs from all of the Dens. The Cubmaster's name and contact information is readily available from the local District Executive. Call the local council office and ask to speak to the “D.E.” (District Executive) for your town.
  2. Whenever possible, bring together two Packs into a special, combined Pack meeting and have one of the Packs host the event. Most Packs have about 30 Cub Scouts. We got twice the number of scouts with combined meetings.
  3. It takes time to put on a Coastie event. The more scouts you can present him to at once, the better. For a 45 minute to an hour presentation, it takes about 4 to 5 hours for each Auxiliarist with travel, setup, actual event, breakdown, and return travel.


Contributed by

Jack Morrison - Flotilla 04-09, 5th District (Northern Region)

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