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Water Safety for Cub Scouts

Teaching Cub Scouts is a good opportunity to talk about the tenets of safe swimming, the expectation of having a lifeguard, and always swimming with a buddy. The Cubs can try on different life jackets, and be shown the proper wearing of them.

Lessons learned

  1. Start with the Scouting's Safe Swim points and ask a lot of questions that start with “Who knows…?”
  2. Save the handouts until the end so the Scout have something to take home. This will also avoid their trying to fiddle with while you're trying to talk.
  3. Have the Scouts try on life jackets and let them play bumper cars with them. Explain why it was more important than a life ring. It also lets them burn off some energy.
  4. Follow this with an explanation of the Coast Guard and what the Auxiliary does. Afterwards a the video and have questions and answers. We got some good questions from some of the adults present.

Contributed by

David N. Kroening, FSO-CS - Flotilla 05-11, 1st District (Southern Region)

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