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Sea Scouts test their nautical skills at Regattas and Rendezvous

Regattas and Rendezvous

Every year, Sea Scouts gather for friendly competition at “Regattas” or “Rendezvous”. These weekend events are organized locally (usually at the council or area levels) and generally draw anywhere from several dozen to several hundred Sea Scouts from hundreds of miles.

Although seamanship skills competition is the focus of the event, training and social exchange are also important elements. Regattas and Rendezvous are held in a wide variety of locations, from naval installations to Scout camps.

Lessons learned

  1. Coast Guard Auxiliary flotillas have been very helpful at some regattas by providing judges and/or trainers.


Contributed by

Douglas Yeckley, FSO-PS - Flotilla 23-02, 5th District (Southern Region)

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