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Wear It Montana!

Montana On Course!

SLO Montana Tommy Cockerham reports (May 2009) that the Montana BLA, the Montana State Parks, and VEs from Flotilla 130-10-03 held a Joint RBS Mission at Saloman Lake near Seeley Lake. This was the first event of its kind in the state. The Auxiliary focus was Vessel Exams and PFD awareness. The State Park allowed the Auxiliary to conduct the mission and provided support. The Montana BLA focus was on Montana's three-year validation decal education and the issuance of these decals to boat owners. Montana has a permanent boat registration, so in order to remain CG Compliant the state issues a free registration validation decal. The Seeley Lake area is home to several lakes that are used heavily by boaters from Missoula, MT as well as the surrounding area. The CGAUX has not had a presence in the area. Very good contacts were made and the public received a great deal of information about the Auxiliary. This was a pilot project that the BLA and the State Parks. SLO-MT believes this was a great success and will plan more in the future.


Map of Montana