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Eric Piper, ADSO-OP/IPFC 082-18-06 and Ron Tvorik, BC-ESS/DSO-PE 8ER/FC 082-18-06 talking to a scout leader

This was the second year that Flotilla 18-06 was invited to participate in the University of Scouting, sponsored by the Simon Kenton BSA Council, at Pickerington North High School on 21 January. Flotilla members, Ron Tvorik, BC-ESS/DSO-PE/FC, Pat Linesch, IPDCDR/FSO-CM and Eric Piper, ADSO/FSO-OP/IPFC arrived at the registration area at 0800.

Eric Piper and Pat Linesch, IPDCDR and FSO-CM 082-18-06 giving handouts to two scout leaders. The leader in red is Andrew Ginnan, SO-CS/VFC 082-18-06

After checking in we began to set up the Coast Guard Auxiliary information and boating safety display in the school’s gymnasium. Last year the displays were set up in the hallway but it was better to be in the gymnasium in the vendor area. The University of Scouting coordinator’s Jeff Lockhart and Mark Hoppes greeted us and made sure all was going well. The sessions for the scout leaders began at 0900 and ended at 1500. Tom Ross, Sea Scout Commodore, Area 4, Central Region and his wife, Lori, were in the area next to us and were very helpful throughout the event.

In between attending their classroom sessions the 439 scout leaders and 60 youth helpers would visit the vendor area to check out the displays and hands on activities. This gave us the opportunity to interact with Cub Scout, Boy Scout and Sea Scout leaders and their youth helpers regarding the Coast Guard Auxiliary. A hot item was the MOA handout between the Boy Scouts of America and the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary. Many leaders who work with the older scouts were interested in what the Coast Guard Academy had to offer. We were prepared with numerous Coast Guard Academy handouts and DVDs. We also had a variety of American Canoe Association pamphlets regarding paddle craft, the Operation Paddle Smart brochures, the Ohio Boat Operator’s guide, our 2012 ABS schedule and other appropriate handouts.

Eric Piper and Pat Linesch talking to a scout leader

Having Coast Guard Auxiliary life jackets, float coats and a mustang suit drew attention and comments. The flags and pull up displays also went over well with the scout leaders. We made many contacts and gave out and received numerous business cards. The scout leaders were interested in PE classes, Vessel Safety Checks, boating safety displays, Coastie, and support for parades among other things.

Pat and Eric observing the BSA leaders in the vendor area

We also made contact with Chris Tredeau, the Blue Jackets Group Event Specialist and Becca Voss, Group Sales Account Executive, Columbus Crew. Both of their organizations want to be involved with the Coast Guard Auxiliary and give us support. The University of Scouting was an outstanding event and has opened the door for us regarding the Coast Guard Auxiliary and Boy Scouts of America activities. We also appreciated the lunch they provided for us.

Scouts & Auxiliary work together

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Ron Tvorik, BC-ESS