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Your DSO-SL is for You!

Your State Liaison Officer (DSO-SL) is the Auxiliary's liaison between your state's Boating Law Administrator (BLA) and the Coast Guard Auxiliary district(s). As such they are a force multiplier for the Auxiliary's Recreational Boating Safety (RBS) efforts. You will find information here about what State Liaison Officers (DSO-SLs) do and what makes them effective.

Combined LLO-SLO Officers

Many SLOs also serve as LLOs and are confused about their SLO duties. LLOs' responsibilities focus on state legislative matters. SLOs are responsible for recreational boating safety. While some SLOs also serve as LLOs, the two positions are not the same and their foci are significantly different. To find out more about SLO duties, please read the State Liaison Guide.

SLO Job Description Summarized

Maintain a close relationship with the State's Boating Law Administrator (BLA) and his/her staff. The SLO should meet with the BLA at least semiannually, possibly in company with the Coast Guard District Recreational Boating Specialist (RBS Specialist) and DCO. More frequent contact may be necessary with the BLA staff members. The SLO should confer with the DSO-SL or DCOS/DCO, and RBS Specialist prior to each meeting with the BLA.

Submit a letter report after each meeting to the DSO-SL, DCOS/DCO, DIRAUX, RBS Specialist, and the National RBS Outreach designee. This report should summarize the meeting and outline important issues or points of concern. If significant matters are brought up during the visit with the BLA, immediately notify the DSO-SL and DCOS/DCO by telephone and follow-up with a written report.

Operation Safety First (OSF)

Operation Safety First Operation Safety First (OSF) is part of a motivational thrust to remind SLOs of what can be accomplished with a fresh read of the SLO Manual, particularly the sections on SLO Duties and BLA Relationships. These references go into detail about the process to follow in developing a regular productive relationship between the local Auxiliary and the State. In conjunction with the SLO Manual, some ideas are being presented to motivate the SLO to nurture into a mature relationship with his/her local District and State. It is being suggested to the SLOs that topics to discuss with the BLA might include the following:

  1. VSC Definition and Goals
  2. Boating Safety Course goals and issues
  3. RBS Program Visitor goals
  4. Sources for RBS brochures
  5. Natl Safe Boating Campaign products and recommended activities
  6. BUI Thrust by State Natural Resources Police/Rangers
  7. Link to Auxiliary Recreational Boating Safety Outreach Department website <> for one-stop shopping.

State Liaison Officer Resources

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