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RBS Outreach Staff Biographies

If you have a question or comment about a specific issue, please use the links below to contact the person you believe is responsible for it.

  • Directorate Director (DIR-B): Richard Risk
  • Deputy Director (DIR-Bd): Vacant

Communication Service Division

  • Division Chief Communication Service (DVC-BR): Vacant
    • Branch Chief, Editorial Services (BC-BRE): William Carter
      • Branch Asst, Editorial Writing & Design (BA-BRED): Donald Lindberg
      • Branch Asst, Proofreader (BA-BREP): Brian Yip
      • Branch Asst, Editorial Policy (BA-BREW): Alexander Gulde
    • Branch Chief, Electronic Communication (BC-BRI): Alan Dove, PhD
    • Branch Chief, Promotions (BC-BRP): Mark West
    • Branch Chief, Social Media (BC-BRS): Daniel Torok
    • Branch Asst, Social Media Analytics (BA-BRS): Dorothy Riley

Paddlecraft Safety Division

  • Division Chief, Paddlecraft Safety (DVC-BP) Don Goff, PhD
    • Branch Chief, Paddlecraft Safety Underway (BC-BPU): Dana Kirk

Liaison Division

  • Division Chief Liaison (DVC-BL) Nan Ellen Fuller
    • Branch Chief, Advocacy Partners (BC-BLA) William Griswold
    • Branch Chief, Boat Owner Partners (BC-BLB) Kelly Townsend
    • Branch Chief, Federal Partners (BC-BLF) William Key
    • Branch Chief, Operations Partners (BC-BLO) David Fuller
    • Branch Chief, Safety Partners (BC-BLS): Clyde Bowman
    • Branch Chief, Watercraft Retailers (BC-BLW): Daniel Benny
    • Branch Chief, Youth Partners (BC-BLY): William Reisa
      • Branch Assistant, Youth Partners: Naval Sea Cadets (BA-BLYA) Bruce Johnson
      • Branch Assistant, Youth Partners: Boy Scouts of America (BA-BLYB) Stephan Reckie

Districts Division

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