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   * [[boatu.s|BoatU.S. and BoatU.S. Foundation]]   * [[boatu.s|BoatU.S. and BoatU.S. Foundation]]
   * [[boy_scouts_of_america|Boy Scouts of America]]   * [[boy_scouts_of_america|Boy Scouts of America]]
-  * [[national_safe_boating_week|National Safe Boating Week]] 
   * [[u.s._naval_sea_cadet_corps|U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps]]   * [[u.s._naval_sea_cadet_corps|U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps]]
   * [[u.s._power_squadrons|United States Power Squadrons]]   * [[u.s._power_squadrons|United States Power Squadrons]]
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