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National Safe Boating Week

National Safe Boating Week (NSBW) is a program of the North American Safe Boating Campaign. Safe boating week aims at spreading a message of boating safety, encourages boater education, and helps to save lives.

The campaign produces a variety of safe boating information intended to enhance and supplement the individual campaigns that take place through groups, associations and organizations across the United States and Canada during National Safe Boating Week.

The purpose of this page is to share best practice ideas for making National Safe Boating Week a success. If you have done something locally or in your state that works, please contact the Branch Chief - Electronic Communications (BC-BRI).

Opportunities abound

Auxiliarists promoting NSBW By Harriet Howard, Special Assistant for NSBW

Walmart, K-Mart, Ace Hardware, West Marine, Bass Pro Shops – just some of the retail stores that have given our Public Affairs Officers space for their boating safety displays for National Safe Boating Week. Now is the time to contact the managers of these establishments and secure a spot during NSBW. Some of these stores may allow us to use a part of their parking lot to perform VSCs.

Look for the free and paid resources available from the campaign site in March. Such items as “Wear It!” stickers, decals and posters are especially favored by our younger boaters. For additional resources, check the Auxiliary Material Supply Center, and order through your Materials Officer.

Other opportunities abound to reach the boating public, via the media. Download statistics from the Safe Boating Campaign, to list boating accidents and fatalities for your press releases. Editors love statistics. Also, invite the TV and news media to attend your special National Safe Boating Week events. Life jacket demonstrations and on-the-water rescues make great action footage for television broadcasts.

Don’t forget to share your planned public affairs exhibits and vessel safety checks before the big event. Share your great ideas.


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