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American Canoe Association

American Canoe Association

The American Canoe Association (ACA) and U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary recognize the value and importance of working together to further our common interest in promoting recreational boating safety within the paddlesport community. This page outlines implementation strategies that will advance the goals set forth in the Memorandum of Agreement between the association and the Auxiliary.

General provisions

  • Explore measures that will foster an enduring partnership between the Auxiliary instructors and vessel examiners and their counterparts in the ACA.
  • To be fully effective when interfacing with the paddlesports community every effort should be made to establish partnerships at either the District, Division, or Flotilla levels of the Auxiliary.
  • Both the ACA and the Auxiliary possess resources and expertise that can enhance the paddlesports education experience thus making advantageous to work in a team setting.
  • Resources within the ACA and Auxiliary that will advance the goals of RBS within the paddlesports community will be identified and shared as needed.
  • With the assistance of the ACA the AuxBWiki will be developed as a paddlesports resource.
  • The Auxiliary will designate a liaison representative to serve on the ACA National Safety Education and Instruction Council (SEIC).
  • The ACA will be invited to assist the Auxiliary leadership in the training of its members who will be directly involved in the various RBS programs for paddlesports. Assimilating the necessary paddling skills and expertise is essential for instructor development and effective management of the paddlecraft vessel safety check program. ACA involvement may occur at any organization level of the Auxiliary.
  • All available media resources of the ACA and the Auxiliary will be used to raise safety awareness within the paddlesports community. Media releases will be jointly prepared in order to give both organizations an opportunity to promote their respective mission areas.

Administrative responsibilities

  • Effective communication is essential to the success of the partnership between the ACA and the Auxiliary.
  • Auxiliary points of contact will be designated at the national level and a liaison to the ACA will be appointed to nurture the partnership with the Auxiliary.
  • Communication between the ACA and Auxiliary Districts, Divisions or Flotillas for the purposes of advancing the goals of the MOA is strongly encouraged.

Interaction with Auxiliary districts

A gathering of paddlers, Paddles Up Niagara 2008, Grand Island, NY

  • The ACA is administratively organized into 14 divisions each of which has a staffed instructional facility. Throughout the ACA there are 4,500 certified instructors that are listed on a searchable internet based directory. This broad geographic representation will present ample opportunity for interaction with Auxiliary Districts.
  • To assist the Auxiliary with instructor development and the training of paddlecraft vessel safety examiners the ACA will seek out grants for funding that will be used to provide advanced classroom and on-water skill training. Conversely, the Auxiliary will explore the possibility of training ACA members so that they can participate in the paddlecraft vessel safety check program.
  • Recognizing that the ACA is an important partner, the Auxiliary is encouraged to solicit their involvement in district training conferences. When conducting training a team teaching approach should be utilized using ACA and Auxiliary instructors. Joint training opportunities are not limited to the District level and may occur at the Division or Flotilla levels.
  • The establishment of local working partnerships is strongly encouraged. ACA members should be invited to assist in a team teaching setting when presenting the Auxiliary Paddlesports America Course.
  • Public outreach efforts intended to promote Recreational Boating Safety within the paddlesports community should be presented jointly by members of the ACA and the Auxiliary.
  • The ACA and the Auxiliary will work together to develop media products that will help raise safety awareness within the paddlesports community. Both the ACA and the Auxiliary agree that periodic media releases are necessary to maintain awareness levels.
  • The Auxiliary will explore the possibility of establishing paddlesports advocates within Districts, Divisions and Flotillas. The advocate will help identify and facilitate ACA/Auxiliary involvement in paddling events and activities for the purpose of advancing recreational boating safety within the paddlesports community.

Vessel examinations

Vessel Safety Check decal

  • Paddlecraft Vessel Examiners will be jointly trained by ACA and Auxiliary instructors. Auxiliary Vessel Examiners will be encouraged to complete ACA classroom or on-water training sessions.
  • As various paddlesports resources are developed to support the paddlecraft Vessel Safety Check program the ACA will be invited to participate in their development and review.
  • The Auxiliary recognizes the value of having ACA instructors perform paddlecraft Vessel Safety Checks. A program will be established to provide the necessary training and certification. Once trained ACA and Auxiliary members will be expected to work jointly to advance the goals of the Vessel Safety Check program.


Public education

Paddlesports America

  • Auxiliary instructors are encouraged to team teach the Paddlesports America Course with ACA instructors.
  • Instructor development is essential for success. Auxiliary instructors will be encouraged to complete ACA classroom or on-water training sessions.


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