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Welcome to the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Partnerships Wiki (AuxBWiki) managed by the Recreational Boating Safety Outreach Directorate. This wiki serves as a clearinghouse for information about the Coast Guard Auxiliary's collaborative efforts with other organizations.

If you arrived here looking for information on boating safety, paddlecraft safety materials or boating safety outreach resources, you can find that on the Recreational Boating Safety Outreach website.

Partnerships Wiki resources

Boating safety initiatives

Youth initiatives

Boy Scouts initiatives

Auxiliary Boating Safety resources

U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary The U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary has three directorates that focus on recreational boating safety. Each maintains a website with a wealth of boating safety information:

Additionally, the U.S. Coast Guard's Boating Safety Division maintains a highly informative recreational boating safety website.

Help build RBS partnerships

The Auxiliary Partnerships Wiki (AuxBWiki) is a forum for sharing your ideas and experience in promoting the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary's Recreational Boating Safety (RBS) mission. Therefore, we need your help. If you have had a successful experience promoting RBS cooperation with outside groups, we want to hear about it. If you have an idea that you would like to see tried, we want to hear about it.

Contact the Branch Chief - Electronic Communications (BC-BRI) with your stories and contributions. This website is for you to share your ideas on recreational boating safety so others might live.

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